It’s Time!


“Each of us in our own way, gotta do something to save your soul. Whatever that is.”
~Yvon Chouinard

Since coming off the water at the end of September, the desire to return to the wind and waves has grown ever increasingly by the day.
In the end, it’s simple…what’s stopping me? What’s stopping you? What’s stopping all of us from doing what sets us free and allows us to follow what it is we really want to do? Why put it off any longer?

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the past few months with my family for the holidays. There’s nothing that helps me know I can go after the things I want in life with them backing me. If anything, this time off from the water has helped me realize what truly is important to me. Why this journey itself is important. Why life is important.

Life is hard. It can change in a moments notice. One day it can be all blue skies and flat seas, and the next you’re being tossed around in tidal waves. You never know what you can expect in life. And that is this journey for me. Each day is something new. A different challenge, but a different reward as well.

One year ago, I was planning this trip and only thinking about doing just the Mississippi River. What I’ve come to learn from all that planning is that it means nothing. Nothing is guaranteed in life. Plans change, people change, dreams change.

My dream hasn’t changed. I still want to paddle the Loop of the US…I still want to paddle the full Mississippi. But now I fully understand the reason…it’s just for the love of just doing it. The simplicity of simplifying life and just going. It can be the enjoyment of the rocking of the waves, battling the scorching afternoon heat, or maybe just the simple greeting from a new friend that I’m sure to meet along the way.

I don’t need to be the greatest paddler the world has ever seen. I don’t need to be the 1st or fastest to paddle some place, I just need to do it for me. To wake up each day and live each day knowing I’m where I want to be and doing what it is I love to do…travel and experience what life has to offer!

So I think it’s time. Time to cast off again and get back to doing what I love. I’ve been away to long and the water is calling my name!

One thought on “It’s Time!

  1. I wish you a wonderful continued adventure and please keep in touch with us, as we all enjoy “our email way” of traveling along with you. I pray for God to bless you with safe and FUN travel.


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