Trip Sponsors


The following companies have made this adventure possible for me. Without their help and support, I may have found myself up a creek without a paddle. Thank you to all those who have helped and will help along the way! Click on their logos to see how they can help you gear up for your adventure.

Goal Zero:

The one name all outdoor enthusiasts know when it is time to power your devices from the sun, is the one and only Goal Zero. I am so humbled to be sponsored by this company who’s mission is based on believing in the potential to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. I will truly depend on them throughout this journey to keep me connected, via the blog/website, social media and all other electronically powered devices. The way I will keep powered while off grid and paddling along, will be through the Sherpa 100 Solar Kit. This Goal Zero package is built to power everything I will have along with me for the trip. The Sherpa 100’s versatile array of ports include two ultra-fast, smart USBs for my phone, IPod and all other devices charged by USB, a 12V port for lights, an innovative port specifically for laptops, and a detachable AC inverter for my Nikon DSLR Camera or Marine Radio. I can recharge the Sherpa 100 from the wall, car, or from the sun with the included Goal Zero’s Nomad 20 solar panel. Not only is the product itself awesome, but when I had a problem that wasn’t even due to their product, their support team came to the rescue and bailed me out to keep me going. The level of their service is unprecedented and to have that backing already amazing products, cant be beat. No matter if it is a short family camping adventure, a big road trip, or a paddle around The Great Loop, Goal Zero is the go to when it comes to your off-grid power needs.

Kodiak Canvas

One of the latest additions to the Big Man, Big Adventure is the Kodiak Canvas Swag Tent. The Swag tent design comes straight from the Australian Outback. Even though it’s a 1 man tent…it definitely is suitable for a Big Man. When set up, it rolls out to an impressive 6 feet 8 inches long! No matter if it’s a beautiful night to stay out under the stars, or pouring rain, the Swag Tent has me covered. I’m so pumped to add such a quality tent to my trip and look forward to many nights to come in it!

Kayak Kaboose:

The water-tight, tow-able kayak storage solution that allows you to take more, and stay longer! The perfect partner for this trip to keep me out on the River and Ocean! They invented this ultimate kayak accessory for those in love with the outdoors and have the desire to take more with them. In fact, the first prototype Kaboose was built by Skip Izon, Master Boat Builder. Skip Izon built the two person rowing sculls that Marty Mcbean & Kathleen Heddle used to win the gold medal for Canada in the 1996 Olympics.. So what can the Kaboose do? The Kayak Kaboose increases your load carrying capacity by 150 lbs. or 138L, and for someone like me on a paddleboard, that extra storage space will be a life saver. I cant say enough how amazing this company and its representatives are. If you fish, camp or ever have desired to be able to pack more gear onto to kayak or SUP, you need to check out this awesome company today.

America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association

I am so thrilled not only to be attempting to complete the Great Loop by way of paddleboard, but also very proud to call myself a member of the America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association. To have the support and community that the AGLCA provides to fellow loopers and dreamers of the loop, will truly be an assist in assisting me with my journey.

Since 1999, the AGLCA has welcomed and encouraged boaters to attempt, complete or dream about sailing the Great Loop. Members range from experienced Loop Cruisers to boaters in the midst of Looping; those planning on one day cruising the Great Loop to those simply exhilarated by the process of learning about the journey. Every level of interest is welcome, no restrictions or limitations! There is so much knowledge and wealth shared on their online forum, and the assistance Loopers are provided from Harbor Hosts is truly an amazing display of goodwill and generosity.

Whether you’re young or just young at heart, still working or retired, ready to travel full time or only every-so-often; whether you’ve got a powerboat, sailboat, trawler, rowboat, or no boat; whether you are doing the Great Loop or dreaming, you’ll fit right in, come aboard and check them out today!

GC Adventure Gear:

GC Adventure Gear is fueled by passion for the outdoors with the additional interest of helping individuals and families to be more prepared as they take their first steps into the wild. This statement couldn’t be more true, in terms of helping me prepare for my adventure. They have the knowledge and tools you need to not only make your trip fun and exciting, but to have you prepared for what the great outdoors throws your way.

Their mission is to:

  • Help you increase your knowledge of the different types of gear that are readily available in today’s outdoor market.
  • Help you decide what gear is essential in the outdoors and what should be left at home.
  • Provide you with useful information to help build your knowledge and skills through outdoor class rooms, video tutorials, and product reviews.

From a short day hike to an extended expedition such as mine,  GC Adventure Gear has anything and everything you would ever need to get outdoors.  On land or water, GC Adventure Gear will help you prepare for your next adventure. Click on their logo and see what they can do for you today!


Bending Branches and Aqua-Bound:

While paddling this journey, it will be the collection of my Aqua-Bound and Bending Branches Paddles that I will depend on for each stroke. I will have with me the Freedom 2pc Stand-Up Paddle and also the Manta Ray Carbon 2pc Posi-Lok Touring Kayak Paddle from Aqua-Bound. I will also carry the Bounce Recreational Kayak Paddle made by Bending Branches as a 3rd backup.

Based out of Osceola, Wisconsin they are the world’s largest manufacturer of quality canoe, kayak, and stand-up paddles. After losing another paddle a few years back, I decided to switch to a Bending Branches paddle. Lets just say, not a day day paddling goes by that I am not glad that I lost my old paddle. Their paddles are built with the paddler in mind, as they themselves are paddlers. They know what it is the helps you stay out on the river, lake or ocean longer while building one of the finest and most durable paddles you can find. I truly love my Aqua-Bound and Bending Branches paddles and highly recommend giving them a try! You may just never switch back to anything else.

Malone Auto Racks:

Clipper™ Deluxe Kayak Cart

When not on the water, my main means of transporting my paddleboard will be by way of the Malone Clipper Deluxe Kayak Cart. The ability to  breakdown the cart and easily store it on board or in my storage hatch, provides great ease for any portages or walks into town.The goal of all their products are just that. They are built to enhance their customers’ enjoyment of the rivers, lakes and oceans while minimizing your carbon footprint through aerodynamic transport design and complete material recycling through the Malone Recycling Program with EcoMaine. The underlying goal of their product line is to always give the consumer the best value in the marketplace and to support the continued growth of the outdoor industry by providing innovative and reliable products that meet the needs of our dedicated customers.You will also see me rocking some awesome gear from Malone as their support has been generous in more ways then one for this trip. If you need to haul a Paddleboard, kayak, bike or anything else on your vehicle, Malone Auto Racks would be my 1st choice every time as they are definitely “Changing the Way You Get There!”


I am so pumped to represent one of the newest and latest technologies in the defense against shark attacks. Ever since we all were kids and watched Jaws for the 1st time, swimming or playing in the ocean always came with the idea of what is lurking beneath?  With SharkBanz, you can cast those fears aside! SharkBanz aim’s to provided the swimmer, surfer or paddler with a little peace of mind to fully enjoy the fun in the sun. Want to see how it works? Just click here for their demonstration video to see for yourself. There is one thing in addition to my PFD I will always be wearing when I hit the Gulf…and that will be my SharkBanz!

They have developed their product over three years of testing, design, development, and close encounters with our toothy amigos.  Throughout the whole process, they were committed to three principles that make this product right for just about anyone: simplicity, style, and affordability. Whether you live by the ocean or only visit a few times a year, this is the solution for peace of mind in the seven seas.

To top it off, their company intends to do more than just protect people with these Banz, but they feel a deep responsibility to preserve and restore the world’s oceans that have done so much for humanity. They have enlisted the help of ocean conservation groups by donating 3% of our profits to support their efforts to eradicate shark finning, prevent new offshore drilling, and aid in the restoration and protection of marine ecosystems. Check out their website today and next time you hit the beach, make sure to be wearing your SharkBanz!!!


Edge Life Jacket

Probably the most important item I will have on me at all times will be my Stohlquist Edge PFD. Its innovative design, high mobility, low profile make it the perfect life vet to have along for safety and comfort on my paddleboard.  The WRAPTURE™ shaped torso combined with an ultra small “footprint”ensures a great fit. Every boater and paddler should never go out on the water without a PFD on, and the place to go for the best…look no further than Stohlquist!

They have committed a lifetime to watersports and have a long line of innovative and unique products which has been the natural result. Stohlquist has been a family company since the beginning and the focus ever since, has been on making the best possible product for comfort and safety in the wet and cold. As one of the first companies designing gear for paddlers and one of the few original designers left, Stohlquist continues to lead with innovative products designed for the true water-lover.

Always wear a Life Vest!


Image result for imagine surf

Imagine Paddle Surf Co:

Angler BPS Paddleboard

The largest product I will take with me and depend on throughout the trip will be the Imagine Surf Angler Paddleboard. Their paddleboard has already been with me through numerous paddle trips including the Florida Keys, the Gulf of Mexico, a Western Road trip, numerous lakes and everywhere in between. When deciding on what type of board or kayak to use for this trip, it wasn’t even a question as Imagine Surf and their board would win out on every trip I could ever plan on taking that involves water. “We make Paddleboarders” is one of the cornerstones of their companies philosophy. They built their company with seeing trips just like this one in mind, and I couldn’t be happier than to use my Imagine Surf board on this trip.

Are you or your company interested in partnering/sponsoring the Big Man?

email: today and let me represent you and your brand throughout this 5000+ mile journey!

Ways to join the Paddle today:

Consider the following ways to donate and contribute to the journey:

Brand Sponsorship/Giveaways: I would love to feature brands and companies along the journey who align with my outdoor and adventurous spirit.  I would love to feature products that could not only help me on my journey, but will also inspire others to get outdoors and into nature. In return, you will be featured as a sponsor on this page and a proud supporter or the Big Man’s Adventures. I will be happy to work with you and give a shout out or feature a giveaway on the blog and social media accounts. Let me know how we can work together today! I’m open to all idea on how I can benefit your brand best!

Paddle with Pierce: Want to join in on the paddle and paddle a stretch of the journey with Pierce? Feel free to contact me and let me know where you are located and that you would love to try and join. Due to changes in weather, tides and currents or any other events the trip or mother nature may throw my way, I will do the best I can to plan in advance if there are any of you who may wish to meet up. At the very least I would love to hear from you and see about the possibility of connecting as I pass through.

Trip Angels: Along much of the Mississippi River and the Florida Inter-coastal Waterway Trail, there are many known as Trail Angels who volunteer their time, backyards, dinner tables and more to open them up for paddlers completing trips on the river. If you would be interested in connecting with me and sharing a part of my story, I would love to hear from you and utilize your help in anyway you can provide. Even if it is a simple, stop down to the river to let me know of obstacles, advice or the best fishing spots in town…I would love to recognize and connect with any of you who may be willing to share your towns and cities with me.

Big Man Bands: Music is a huge passion of mine. Are you an artists or band that loves the outdoors. Have a new song you think I would love to hear? Connect with me today, as one of the only luxury items I will have along with me is my Ipod and countless hours to listen to all the new music that comes my way. Maybe we can even create a jam session down on the river banks as I come through a town near you.

Got another idea? I would love to connect and tailor my adventure to all who want to join in and donate in some way to the adventure. Feel free to connect with me and share your ideas! I look forward to hearing from you.



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