Merry Christmas!!


Christmas for me as always been a special time. A time for family, friends and a celebration of the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of the Christ child.

This year, I have a lot more to celebrate and to be thankful for. It has been a year that has welcomed so many new friends from the Big Adventure into my life. Each of you are in my heat and mind this year at Christmas. The kindness and generosity you usually find the most this time of year, you all have shown to me throughout the year.  You may never know how much I appreciate each and every one of you, but because of you…my smile is a little bit bigger and brighter this Christmas. To have so many wonderful friends new and old, gives me all I need this year!!!

Merry Christmas to all of you, where ever you may be celebrating. Hopefully your Christmas is filled with half of the joy and love you all have given to me.

Merry Christmas!!!!



6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!!

  1. Same to you! Im in Northport MI, had my family visit and we got talking…. They live near Pt. Austin and they had the pleasure of meeting you! Such a small world! My cery best for 2017

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  2. Hi Matt, Lazy Suzan Here. Great to see your post.Merry Christmas to you. All is great down South. Sarasoda to be exact. We have been home for a few weeks in California visiting our kids and Grandkids and now back on the Lazy Suzan. I hope this post finds you well and happy. Have a wonderful,Healthy New year Suzan,Lee and Max

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    • Great to hear from you Susan. You’re down by where I grew up as a kid in North Port/Venice Beach! Such a great little area. Hope you has a great visit back home with the family and wishing you both the happiest of holidays and new year!!


  3. “Merry Christmas” to you too Matthew. I’m going to
    visit the kids this Thursday. Can hardly wait to see them.
    I’m sure I will hear about “Uncle Matthew”. They love
    you so dearly. Naturally. 🙂 I wish you a very blessed
    New Year, Matt. God bless you!

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