Life of the Road


As with so many others I owe a thank you to since the Big Adventure began, the latest shout out goes to the guys and girls at Ford Lincoln of Franklin in Tennessee.

As many of you may have read from my last post, I thought I was well on my way to continue my journey in Florida. Someone had different plans for me when my vans transmission died just outside of Franklin, Tennessee.

I was lucky to be near this little town if I was to break down anywhere, because what I experienced from the crew at Ford Lincoln of Franklin went above and beyond and can’t go without thanks

From the moment of pulling up there unexpectedly, to working us in right away to get us an idea of what was wrong, to frequent updates throughout the work process, I couldn’t say more about the level of service and hospitality I was shown from this dealership.

Although break downs are never a good thing, and it becomes just one more hurdle on the journey, it truly couldn’t have happened in a better town or place.

Thank you all at Ford Lincoln of Franklin. I appreciate your work and amazing service!

Now…back to planning for a little more adventure.

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