About Me

Who am I?


Name: Matthew Pierce

Born: Feb 14, 1986

Education: BA Social Science Education from Ohio Dominican University

Occupations: Teacher for students with Behavior and Mental Disabilities, Mortgage Loan Processor for JP Morgan Chase and Football coach.

Family: Parents James and Martha Pierce; siblings Jennifer (Lee, Brother-in-law), Jason (Emily, Sister-in-Law), Mark, Michael; Nieces and Nephew/s: Lucy, Joseph, Mary, Molly, Claire and Anna.

Hobbies: Sports, Music and the enjoying the Great Outdoors!


This trip is about you!

Here is where you come to the page of a long winded, boring introduction right? Well not here!

This trip is about you!! The enjoyment of sharing in this adventure with you, hearing your own stories, meeting many of you or just a simple message through a post or email. That is truly what this trip is about for me. For me, getting to share those moments, messages and meetings with you all is what I am looking forward to most on this adventure. I appreciate all who care to share your time with me and follow along with this journey. Hopefully my own crazy adventures and posts can continue to inspire you to find the adventure in your own lives, just as much as I know this journey will inspire me.


Thank you all,



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