Friends, Family and Farewells

"There never seems to be enough time, To do the things you want to do, once you find them." For one weekend, I truly knew exactly how Jim Croce must have felt when penciling in that lyric to 'Time in a Bottle'. As excited as I am for the upcoming adventure, I truly wished these … Continue reading Friends, Family and Farewells

The Idea

Less than a week left to go before the start of the adventure. The excitement is building and the plans are finalized. A few final tweaks and it's just about time to get the show on the road...or water I guess I should say. Heading into the final week before launch, the biggest question I … Continue reading The Idea

Big Man’s Adventure Blog

Welcome to the Blog! With a week to go before I begin the paddle next Tuesday, it has come time to officially launch the Big Man, Big Adventure website and blog. It is here, in addition to my social media accounts that I will do my best to keep you informed, and hopefully a bit … Continue reading Big Man’s Adventure Blog