Happy Birthday Michigan

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Happy Birthday Michigan!

I couldn’t have dreamed of starting my Big Adventure anywhere other than in Michigan, and I’m happy today to wish this beautiful state a happy 180th birthday!

I was born in Lapeer, Michigan and ever since I can remember, Michigan is always where I have considered “home”.


Sure I have lived in a few other great states like Florida, Iowa and yes even Ohio…but nothing compares with Michigan in my eyes.IMAG1684.JPG

Maybe it’s because of the memories I have growing up visiting my Grandparents farm. Summers spent shooting my bow and arrow, helping or at least trying to with chores around the yard, or just getting to go to Lake Huron for our afternoon “Polish Bath”. All of those early childhood memories definitely started my deep rooted love for this great state.

2017-01-26-17-34-58Maybe it’s because of my love for Michigan and Detroit sports that connection grew deeper. It never mattered to me if I was rooting for an 119 loss Detroit Tigers team or watching the great Stevie Yzerman and the mighty Red Wings. Growing up witnessing the legendary Barry Sanders or trying to be like Joe Dumars on my driveway. All of Detroit sports and of course the Michigan Wolverines won a place in my heart that built such a passion and love for sports like nothing else could have.


Maybe my love for Michigan is also from discovering the beauty the state has to offer. When I was young, we would drive to my grandparents house and that bit of Michigan and highway that lie in between, was all I saw.  Or it least all I could appreciate at the time. As I grew older and ventured around the state, who knew such beauty could exist in places like the UP and Tahquamenon Falls, Pictured Rocks and Copper Harbor. Or the picturesque views of Lake Michigan and its crystal blue water. Even that city Detroit, which is given so much grief, but continues to show its resilience and beauty in its own way. Some may long to see a Chicago or New York skyline…but I’ll take the view of the city of Detroit any day.2017-01-26-17-45-38

So it could be a lot of things. Maybe it’s just the memories I have made here and the ones I can still only dream about making. No matter what the reason is…Michigan is home. It always will be. So the happiest of birthdays to you Michigan, and hopefully I’ll get to see many more to come!

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