Prison Time

Each day that goes by, something reminds me of my adventure.

Of my goal.

Of my journey I still long to be on…

…but good things come to those who wait and for now, I am fine with that! 

I’ve have always lived with the idea that I am 3rd. God first. Family and friends second, and I am third. Well that has guided my decision and understanding that the water isn’t the place for me right now. The importance of being around for my family, has been one that’s made me realize I’m back for a reason. 

While I thought at the time my transmission dying in my van on the way down to Florida last fall was a sign, it may only be now that I realize I’ve made the best decision by staying put.

I have helped to contribute to my family and be there for them when needed. If I was on the water this year, I wouldn’t have been. 

Heading back to the water would have been selfish and only benefited my own personal interests. I would much rather always help this I love and care about. There will always be time for me. 

So I’m happy and content with my decision and where I am today. 

But there’s always tomorrow!!

Nothing changes the fact that I can’t wait to get back out there. Each day that I go to work in my cubical walls, is just another day of serving my prison time. I know the end of my sentence is near and my freedom will be well earned when I’m back out with the wind and the waves. 

I will be back! And I can’t wait!! 

One thought on “Prison Time

  1. Big Man!!! I met you in Charlevoix and will never forget your journey. Now you are on a family journey and hope you and your family are well and safe. I spoke of you to my students and showed them your route. I talked about your cool storage container and let some of my friends know that such a thing exists! Sincerely, Terrie and Lucy (my dog)


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