Independence Moon


“What town comes next
I don’t know
I lost track of the exit signs long ago
But I finally feel free
Nowhere I need to be”

~Independence Moon

So often on my journey and travels I have talked about people I have met or who have inspired me. One guy that never gets quite enough credit on who I am and who I aspire to be as a person is my younger brother Mark.

I come from a family a five kids. My sister is the oldest, and then I started the string of 4 boys to round out the group. Mark comes in 4th in that roll call. While I as the older brother should be the one to pave the way for my younger bros, if anything, the only thing I have taught them all, is what not to do. So when you have a guy like Mark in the fam, it helps to right the ship and keep it on course.

The older he has gotten, the more I have come to respect him for who he is and who he tries to be. Lately I have been inspired more than ever by him for chasing his dream and putting out his 1st music album.

To me what is most impressive about what he is doing, is the way he is going after that dream. So many people want to just be rich and famous, go after a music career, job or an adventure to be able to put it up on Instagram or some other social media site to show how cool they are. So often people in life are depressed with what they do in life, because they aren’t truly happy in their career or life path. They are living for what others want them to be. They let others influence them down a path they never wanted to be on, and the life they lead ends up not being their own. That’s why my bro’s album release means so much to me. It’s been out for a few months now. You wouldn’t have heard it on the radio and unless you attend small open mike shows, you maybe never would have. When even family members didn’t know he was chasing this dream…it shows something to me. He was doing it for him.

I have always been the 1st person to pick on my younger bros growing up. So I was geared up and ready with a line up of jokes to throw his way when I listened to his new EP. But the joke was on me. I knew we all had musical skills, but listening to his 1st record, I was blown away. It was gooood!

I’m excited for him. No matter if he sells 1 album, or goes triple platnium one day, the only thing that really matters is he is chasing what he wants. It’s an outlet to share his joy of songwriting with others. Most of all, it makes him happy.

So I have always been inspired by this dude. I appreciate all he has done, does and puts up with from me. It’s easy for me to keep chasing after my goals when I have a brother and friend like him to keep showing me how easy it is to do it. Simplify life and go after what matters most to you. By going after his dream in making music for others to enjoy, it reassures me to keep chasing what motivates me and to always do it with a smile.

So the next time you are looking for a new artist to listen to or if you want to check out some great live music, hopefully my bro comes to mind for you. He plays shows all around Michigan and Ohio, with more states to come. Or just simply find him on ITunes here and give him a listen.

Regardless of how many of you check him out though or see him at a show, I’m proud of him. He inspires me to continue on my trip, and to live life the right way. He is one of the best guys I know, and I’m glad to call him my brother. So hope you all check out his music and share what you think! I think you all will really enjoy what he has to write and sing about!

Keep chasing that dream bro! I’m proud of you!

For anyone interested in his album you can go to ITunes and order 1 or all 4 songs here: Itunes: Independence Moon

Or check his upcoming tour schedule out and catch him by following him on Facebook: @maticicmusic

Or simply message me at if you would like to order a CD.

Thanks guys!!!


2 thoughts on “Independence Moon

  1. I u sees tans you are in Portsmouth at the anchor pad! Good people! Dag I wish I could have been there to meet you and hear your stories my name is Paula Bauer and I think it is awesome what you are doing ! Don’t know if Imwould be able to paddle as you do as I have a jet ski!!! Lol good luck in your travels!!!

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