Thank you Michigan


Before I get ready to move on to the next state along my adventure, it’s only fitting to look back at my time in Michigan. I couldn’t have started in a better state, and those of you I met there and or helped me out along my way, will never be forgotten.

I launched on June 1st, and although I felt like I knew what I was getting into as I paddle out that 1st day by myself…I soon knew I was in for the biggest adventure of my life. I quickly realized I wouldn’t be alone for long, as within the 1st few days I had met Drake, Brianna and Ed. Never did I expect the kindness of strangers from all of you, and those 1st three really made me eager to get back out on the water to see who and what would come next. They were the greatest welcome to Michigan I could have asked for.

Towns like Port Hope, and getting to meet wonderful people like Brian & Sue, Annie, and of course the amazing E-Z Rider Bicycle Club, left a lasting impression on me. Peggy, Lynnea, Mark, Mike and Kathleen couldn’t have been a better bunch of Michiganders, and I am so happy to call them all friends. Of course there is Andre and Ruth too. Maybe two of my favorite people I’ve met on the whole trip! I can’t wait to have them teach me to fly fish!!!

No matter where I have paddled in Michigan, one thing is for sure…the coastline was filled with friendly and welcoming people all around the state. For over 600+ miles, the smiles, waves and shouts hello never got old.


Having moments like paddling by the numerous lighthouse, the thrill of going under the Mighty Mac or bumping into the one and only Tim Allen are some of the best days and greatest memories I will never soon forget.

I’ve been so lucky to see the beauty of Pure Michigan, and there is nowhere else I would have rather started my journey from. There may be a lot of places that follow, but Michigan, it’s places, people and new friends have paved the way. I can’t wait to eventually get back to the Lake Huron side and finish my trip where it all began!! Thank you to everyone I have met in Michigan! There is no possible way to list in this blog everyone who has impacted my trip while in the great state of Michigan, but hopefully my growing list of appreciation on my special thanks page gives you back a little of the love you all have shown to me! You guys have been the best!! Hope to see you all at the finish line!


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