A Kid Again


 The Heart of my trip.

Help Give Illness a Giant Time Out!!!

When telling others I was going to undertake this adventure, I was always met with the question of why and then immediately follow up by the next question…do you know how hard it will be?

Well my driving force behind my own passion for adventure, will be to help support the great nonprofit organization A Kid Again. They are based out of Columbus, Ohio which I would consider the “heart” of the Great Loop.

This charities mission and cause is to foster hope, happiness and healing for families raising kids with life threatening illnesses.

A Kid Again strives to make life for families caring for a child with a life-threatening illness more like “life” again by helping them gain back moments of solace and a sense of control over their circumstances.

They strive to give these kids an opportunity to have fun and feel like they should – the kid they are meant to be each day. Their adventures are designed for kids to have something to look forward to, to have fun with friends and give their sisters, brothers and parents some respite as well. Siblings are often left on the sideline due to the stress and necessary attention/time demands of the ill child. They also give our families a time to connect and network with each other. They empathize and understand what one another is facing. They connect and become resources to one another as well. They are able to focus on being just “A Kid Again”!

Founded in 1995 as Adventures For Wish Kids, A Kid Again provides fun filled activities and destination events, which we call adventures at no cost to families. Their year round adventures foster laughter, joy, normalcy and supportive networking opportunities. A Kid Again’s family centric approach allows for a broader, more comprehensive impact on the effects of coping with a life threatening illness in the family. Their events allow families to give illness a GIANT Time Out!

So as hard as this journey may be at times, I have the inspiration of those who face tough challenges and life obstacles everyday, and still meet the day head on with hope and courage. I will choose to use their example, to become my motivation in completing this journey. If together, we can help those truly in need and bring a smile to the faces of a child…this whole trip will be a success no matter, where this after takes me!


Please do what you can to donate and or volunteer with this organization!

Your donation is 100% tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes directly to “A Kid Again” to help the children who need it most!

All donors, not matter the size of the donation will be featured on the “Special Thanks” page, to recognize their contribution to this adventure! I will work to personally thank each and everyone of you, who have contributed to this charity.

Thank you so much to all those who can donate! I thank you, but more importantly, the kids and families your generosity will go toward will thank you.

Lets all help make a kid, feel like “A Kid Again”.