The Break


The Break was much needed!

After having a rough stretch dealing with the trouble losing my fin, then the replacement…getting away from the water for a few days was a good option.

Getting to see my parents in Frankfort was so needed. They might not always hear that I appreciate all the little things they do for me…but without them and their support, I would be lost without them.

Rather than stay around Frankfort though, we decided to make the drive to the opposite side of Michigan to suprise and visit my Grandma for a few days. That meant my parents total trip in the car that day ran them around 13 hours! After being away from all my friends and family, getting to spend the weekend with them and my Gram, was just what I needed to recharge. Even if my Grandma did kick my butt at Scrabble all weekend. She is such an important part of who I am.

The next stop I was maybe even more excited for, was suprising my sisters kids on the way back to Ohio. They had no idea I was coming back and just thought they would see their Grandma and Grandpa as they drove back through. Getting to see how excited my little Lucy, Joseph and Mary were, made me happier than anything. I sure did miss those little rugrats. I got the full tour of their farm, animals and even how they could “paddleboard” in their little pool. They are the greatest little kids in the world, and I maybe missed seeing them most of all.

The rest of my week was spent consuming as much crap and junk food as I could. When you have lived off PB and J sandwiches for the last 2 months…a pizza has never tasted better. Being down 38lbs since starting my trip…I did my best to put it all back on before heading back out!

I’m not always the best Grandson, son or brother but one thing is for sure…my family means everything to me. No matter what…they are the most important factor in my life. I might not always show how much I appreciate them all…but I love and care for them all so much. It is their support that has helped get me through and will continue to do so.

After the week off, I am happy to be heading back towards Frankfort to start back from the Harbor where I left off. The fin from Imagine Surf still hasn’t made it…but I could wait any longer. I brought my kayak with me and will continue my paddle on that for now until I can get my board fixed. I am looking not only to be back out on the adventure…but will do so with my 1st special guest that will join me on the trip! He is my ride back, my 1st person to join for a few days on the paddle and also one of the greatest friends in the world…the one and only…Sam Bales!!!

But more to come on that chapter of the stroy!!!

The adventure continues!

3 thoughts on “The Break

  1. You definitely made your mother happy as she always loves to have her kids with her just like when you were that curly headed little Florida boy swimming and building sand castles on the Gulf of Mexico with your brothers and sister! We are truly blessed with an amazing family and you, without question, have always provided us with one adventure after another. Happy paddling, enjoying beautiful Lake Michigan with your fellow ODU Panther and good buddy – Sam! Go Tigers, even if we didn’t make a deal before the trade deadline!

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