Family and the Future


“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” ~ Lao Tzu

The morning of Wednesday Day 29 couldn’t have been more exciting for me. Waking up, I knew my 1st scheduled trip visitors were coming to see me…The Boswell Family. They had been talking with me for a couple weeks about possibly meeting up, and to know I would get a little break from the water and just relax with a great family really jump started my morning.

I hit the water by 6am and was bound and determined to make it to the Cheboygan Harbor before they got there. I was pretty pumped and the morning’s paddle really flew by!

As I had hoped, I just beat them on my arrival and was eager to spend the day with them. Taking a day out of their own vacation for me, really meant a lot. Cheboygan might not have too much to offer them in the way of spectacular sights, but Nick sure felt right at home in some chilly water for the day! The kid is braver than I am, as you won’t catch me in that water without my neoprene.

My Uncle is a Coast Guard Vet, so getting to pick his brain sure can be a help down the way. It never hurts to consider the expert opinion and learn a few tips along the way. My awesome cuz Katelyn caught a few rays, and my Aunt can report back to my mom that I am still alive and not living off of berries…yet.

After a shopping trip to Wal Mart, thanks to Katelyn’s great choice we stopped off for the perfect end to the day at Big Boy. I love me some PB&J, but getting that real meal every once in a while especially with great company can’t be beat.

After a perfect day 29 yesterday, I figured I would hang out in Cheboygan to end the month of June while contemplating plans for Lake Michigan today. Really for the past few weeks, I have been debating switching my upcoming leg #2 to follow the eastern side of Wisconsin towards Chicago. It would help eliminate some of the “big winds” and even give me a river route down to the Mississippi as an option.

In the end though, after probably losing what little hair I don’t have in making a choice…the plan is to stick to the plan. I love Michigan, but have never really seen the western side. Come high winds, big surf or whatever else may becoming up for leg 2, I’ve decided to stay true to my original goal and try to head south by way of the Michigan border. I’ll continue to take my time, see the sights and let the water dictate my journey.

Is it the right call? I don’t know and only time will tell…but for now…I am happy to just enjoy the rest of the night off in Cheboygan, Michigan. Tomorrow’s a new day and the adventure will continue!!

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