Rain, Rain Go Away


Day 15 may not have made much progress in the way of paddling away the miles, but it sure did go along way in refueling my mind and body. After calling Oscoda, Michigan home for the past 24 hours, I can truly say I landed on a great beach!

After paddling for right around 11 hours yesterday, with a few stops in between to talk to new friends like John (check him out as my 1st video special guest here) it was time to start looking for a place to call it a night. My marine radio kept echoing the warnings of rain and thunderstorms for the following day, so I knew I had to find a spot to possibly stay an extra day.

Well the Lord works in mysterious ways, because as I started to worry it would have to be a long days paddle to Harrisville, all of a sudden a huge beach opened up after miles of coast lined with houses. It was home to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. I had always heard stories of wayward strangers seeking shelter in churches in old tales from the past, but could a huge guy soaking wet on a paddleboard be shown that type of kindness?

No…What I recieved was way more than that!

Deacon Al, (soon to  be priest in a few days) invited me to wait for Fr. Charlie to see if camping out for a night was a possibility. Instead of Fr. just showing the generosity to let me stay a night, he welcomed me with a big helping of humus and cake.

In the morning he invites me to the huge luncheon, where the kindness and support I was shown by hundreds of Michiganders was just overwhelming. A special thanks goes out to Darryl first for his service to our country, but secondly for the ride and generosity he showed to me…all while sharing some amazing stories of his own.

If I hadn’t been given enough love already in Oscoda, Fr. Charlie and Deacon Al pull up to my tent in the afternoon to invite me to an evening of the best burgers, fresh caught fish and brats, with the company of Fr. Emmanuel from Nigeria. It was truly a blessing to have been shown the undeserved hospitality that I found from Fr. Charlie.

If anything sums up these 1st 15 days, it was what Deacon Al said after dinner. “It’s usually the good we do, that goes unnoticed.” It his world, so often we continue to focus on the negative, but in 15 days of traveling, all I have seen from people towards a pure stranger on a paddleboard has been love, and warmth. Their good definitely hasn’t gone unnoticed from me!

Tomorrow it’s back on the water, and I can’t wait to see what Lake Huron has in store for me next!

6 thoughts on “Rain, Rain Go Away

  1. I met you at the Sacred Heart luncheon on Day 15 of your adventure. I invited you to spend the night at our home in Oscoda but you wanted to continue with your tenting adventure on the shores of Lake Huron. Did you get wet with all the rain last night? I spoke to Father Charlie today and heard about your encounter with the deer outside your tent last night. Glad to hear you were continuing on your journey this morning. God bless you and all that you are doing.

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    • Marcia, Thank you again for your generous offer. I stayed very dry in the tent, it was the waking up an loading everything in the morning that made it a little wet! Thanks again for your kindness and glad to have met you!


  2. ,w.ell Matthew this. Is andre
    When I met y at my sister-in-law home with an old coach eyes. I. Saw a winner. You on aur heart.your big smile and your aventure faseneted me good luck from all of us

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    • Andre, It was so great to have gotten the chance to meet you and your wife Ruth. I had such a fun night hearing your stories and only wish the night was a bit longer so it didn’t have to end! Thanks for following along and maybe after this, you’ll have to give me a lesson or two on fly fishing.


      • Today is our 38th wedding nav I hope some day you will meet someone who likes advetures. Ruth and I had a great deal by hiking montana mountains in past 25 years good and stay focused..

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