Impossible is Nothing

213f87e35297770524b8495df04bf0638a006cfaThis Adidas poster hung above my bed through college and the years after I 1st graduated. Its message I took as a reminder to always push myself beyond what I thought I was capable. With hearing of Muhammad Ali’s passing, it took me back to seeing this image everyday. It lit an even bigger fire inside of me to see Lexington’s Harbor again, and completing the full loop. This is, and will continue to be the biggest challenge I have ever put myself up against. With the reminder that “impossible is nothing”, it hit home that nothing is to great an obstacle that can’t be overcome. With that comes the big reward!

Being Sunday, and also a day heavy rain in the forecast, I am staying put in Harbor Beach. As a goal I set from the beginning, I really want to meet people and experience each town along the way. I am taking time today to do just that. Each town has its own history and Harbor Beach is proving why it considers itself “The World’s Greatest Man-Made Harbor.” The people all wave as you walk down the street and even the motorcycle gang who stopped by to see the lighthouse said hello. Each town is what you make of it, and I have definitely found the best of this little town in Michigan’s thumb.

In close today with Ali’s death, it brings me back to a quote of his that I have always loved; “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

RIP Champ…your influence and inspiration to me and many others, will continue to live on as long as the impossible is still out there to conquer.


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