Friends, Family and Farewells

IMG_20160515_224817“There never seems to be enough time,
To do the things you want to do, once you find them.”

For one weekend, I truly knew exactly how Jim Croce must have felt when penciling in that lyric to ‘Time in a Bottle’. As excited as I am for the upcoming adventure, I truly wished these last 3 days could have could have lasted forever.

Friday symbolized my last work day as a teacher at Franklin High School. When your superintendent and the amazing office ladies wish you the best, by bring a “survival” bag down to your room, filled with alligator hats, shark and gator repellents and a romance novel, I think I can truly say how amazing it was to have worked for and with them. Their help and support through my past 2 years there has been incredible, and I’m sure come August, I will really miss being there even more. Yet, some adventures you just cannot pass up!

Saturday, was a day I looked forward to all week. My best friend, Sam had the idea to turn back time and head to our old stomping grounds for a little fishing and a lot of reminiscing.  While attending Ohio Dominican in Columbus, it was here in this little creek behind the school, that began fueling my love for the outdoors. If it wasn’t for Sam, his friendship and the many many hours spent in Alum Creek, this trip would definitely not be a thought in my mind.

After kicking his butt at a little NCAA football (another old tradition), it was off to meet up with a few great friends for the best pizza in Columbus…Minelli’s and one heck of a night! My old boss and friend Steph, “my wife” as of Saturday night Rach and old buddy Riggle, all joined in for the perfect send off from C-Bus.

Sunday was family day, and more importantly my Mom’s birthday! My sister, her husband and her awesome 3 kids, all made the trip in. It’s always the best time hanging with my nieces and nephews, and getting to see them regularly will be one of the things I miss most from home. If I had to pick a last weekend to before leaving, there couldn’t have been a one better, than one for my mom. She is the hardest working and most selfless person I know. She has given more of herself to us kids then we deserve and she embodies what it means to be an amazing mother.  Hopefully I have learned from the kindness and generosity she shows on an everyday basis.

If I could have written a different ending to my last weekend at home, I really couldn’t imagine how to change it. Time spent with the best friends, and the greatest family capped the ultimate farewell and set the stage for the new adventures to come!

In closing today, Happy Memorial Day! One of the many reasons that I am afforded the opportunity to chase my dreams with this adventure, is because of those who gave their life defending that freedom. In the words of President James A. Garfield, “For love of country they accepted death.” With that in mind, I thank my own Uncle and all of those who gave their life, for mine!



2 thoughts on “Friends, Family and Farewells

  1. Big Man – Man the Dear Lord Bless YOU and Keep YOU ans Strengthern YOU and encourage YOU the way He ALWAYS does for our A Kid Again Kids, sibling and parents! So sorry I have not yet met YOU!!! Am Gratefuk for all YOU are doing to cast a bright light on our courageous kids & families!!!

    God bless YOU indeed!!!


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    • Thank you so much for the support and kind words. It is definitely my pleasure to help in any way that I can for the kids and families that A Kid Again aims to impact. Hope our paths can cross somewhere along the line!


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